Client Stories

V!VA Retirement Communities

Michelle Chisholm |

Director of Operations

"V!VA Retirement Communities strives to create partnerships with our service providers that stretch beyond that of supplier/customer to ensure that our Team Members and Community Members (residents) get the very best in products and services available in the industry. We value partners who seek to understand our priorities, problem solve quickly and offer value-added services that positively impact our business.

The team at Complete Purchasing consistently exceeds our expectations by providing instantaneous response times supported by cost saving programs with partners that deliver the services and products we need and want. Plus, they consistently offer value-added services like training and webinars that are relevant, interesting and easily accessible. Top all of that off with employees who are driven by listening to and responding to their customer and you have a partnership that V!VA highly values and greatly appreciates!"

Salvation Army Ottawa Booth Centre

Gunars Kazaks |

Director of Business Administration

"The Salvation Army Ottawa Booth Centre has been working with Complete Purchasing Services (COMPLETE) since May 25, 2015. The relationship that has been built between ourselves and COMPLETE is one of the best relationships I have had with suppliers.

The main benefit of working with COMPLETE is that we are working with a group that is focused on delivering us the best products and services they offer for our various requirements. This combined with the fact that they do not treat us like a “street “account and that the level of service is consistent, collaborative, strong and very accommodating.

Their approach is to make sure that we are getting the most out of what they offer. Whether that is through savings on our electricity bills (they helped us to recover over $40,000), group purchasing for food and beverages, working with our kitchen and maintenance teams, training, and menu planning.

This fits very nicely with our approach and vision of the centre.

The team at COMPLETE is a team I would recommend to any company but especially to other Salvation Army ministries that are not currently leveraging the advantage through our partnership."

CPS Supplier Program: Success with Evac+Chair

Kim Van Dam |

Heron Terrace, a Steeves and Rozema facility

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Kim Van Dam, Administrator at Heron Terrace, shared her experience with how CPS supplier partner, Evac+Chair, made the vertical evacuation of her facility a success.

CPS Supplier Program: Success with Evac+Chair

Lynda Germain, Director of Training & Development |

Responsive Management Inc.

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Lynda Germain, Director of Training & Development, shared how easy it was to learn how to use CPS supplier partner, Evac+Chair, and how they surprised the Fire Marshall on the results of their mock evacuation.

Keeping it Simple with COMPLETE Education

Denise Jarrett |

Manager |

Bridge Street Retirement Residence

Denise Jarrett, Manager, spoke about how she uses the COMPLETE Education program for her staff inservices and the benefits derived from this program.